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What It Is

White Chocolate, a satirical off-Broadway production co-produced by WAFF and The Culture Project, opened its doors October 6, 2004 at the Century Center for the Performing Arts in Manhattan.

Written by New Yorker magazine illustrator William Hamilton and directed by David Schweizer, White Chocolate took a humorous look into the lives of two society patrons (one Jewish, the other a blue-blood) who were shocked one morning to find that their skin color had changed from white to black overnight. Through the course of the day, Brandon Beale (Reg E. Cathey) struggled to seal the deal on his new position as Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while his daughter returned home to announce her surprise engagement to an Asian man they had never met.

White Chocolate ran until January 30, 2005, which included 12 preview shows and 131 regular performances. It received rave reviews.

Spotlight On

Reg E. Cathey


Reg E. Cathey starred as Brandon Beale in White Chocolate, a married Upper West Sider who awakes to find that his skin has turned from white to black overnight.

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